Grouper Fishing

With the new fishing regulations coming into effect for grouper, I decided to take a quick fun trip offshore over the holidays. I accompanied Dr Dan Moenning and his father and father-in-law in search of dinner. we traveled west for over 12 miles before we ever found bait a stark contrast to my last offshore trip when bait was thick as molasses. After a few stops we had a couple of dozen squirrel fish and about a dozen hand size blue runners. On the first grouper hole we managed 1nice keeper red grouper, we moved to another and picked some under size gag grouper. On the third and final stop of the day 2 more short gag’s and 3 nice keeper red grouper. We also caught around 15 nice lane snapper up to about 2 pounds.

On a side note to any on out there with some old TD numbers they have held on to, Dan had acquired a new program to convert TD numbers , having tried this on a number of occasions, without success, we reluctantly fished some spots we converted with the new program. This new program converted our numbers dead on the money. At the moment the program is unavailable to the public, but will be coming as an update to certain manufactures GPS systems in the first part of 2009. I will report the names after the release, so anyone looking for it will know how to get it.

Also tarpon season is around the corner I have been booking trips already, but have a lot of availability. Give me a call to discuss any dates the end of May is already pretty jammed up. But the beginning of May and June is mostly open.

Hope Every One Had A Great Christmas And Looking Forward to A Prosperous New Year

Capt Andy Boyette

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